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Saphenous Vein Prep Kit Simulator

Saphenous Vein Prep Kit Simulator

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Surgical training kit with a model saphenous vein (Large or Small) that is designed to simulate preparing a conduit for a bypass graft and practicing sewing and assisting in a coronary artery anastomosis. 

The prep kit comes with an 11 inch long 7mm diameter vein with 12 branches for clipping and tying or a smaller vein with 10 branches.  Price varies based on vein selected. The kit also includes three 4 inch veins for practicing sewing anastomoses. The veins can be reused.

The saphenous vein is made by Lazarus 3D in the United States

Model Training Skills

Preparing a Conduit for Bypass Grafting

  • Dilating, cannulating and securing a vein cannula to a vein
  • Surgically clipping vessel branches
  • Placing a hemostat on a vessel branch correctly
  • Tying branches with silk ties and securing your tie in the correct spot on the branch
  • Cutting silk ties the correct length
  • Carefully distending a conduit and checking for leaks
  • Learning to use  a 6-0 or 7-0 Prolene suture to repair a small leak

Sewing and Assisting for a Coronary Artery Anastomosis

  • Performing an arteriotomy on a small vessel for a bypass graft
  • Sewing an "end to side" or "side to side" anastomoses
  • First assisting for an anastomosis: holding the conduit, parachuting the vessel, following suture and retracting the conduit

Saphenous Vein is manufactured by Lazarus 3D in the United States.

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